A gift of Wusthof knives

wusthof knife setMy son, who just graduated from college several months ago got these Wusthof knives as a Christmas present.

Why? He loves to cook, and these are the most used knives of any in my kitchen, so I bought him good ones. Any cheap walmart or generic knife set would do the job, at least for a while. But as those of us who work with our hands can tell you there is an intangible joy to using quality tools that is very difficult to quantify.

The balance, the weighting, the quality of manufacture all weigh in this personal decision. But in the end the effort put into producing something as simple as a knife can elevate the experience from mundane to something more. Knives are a pretty well understood manufactured item these days and they are not that hard to do, but doing anything well demands effort, effort that can be felt by those who are sensitive enough to understand what it took to elevate something mundane to something special.

He uses the curved knife for boning chicken thighs and for cutting the joints when he’s carving a whole chicken. It’s the perfect size. The other utility knife he uses for small cutting jobs like cutting a small piece of cheese for a snack or cutting the ends off of an apple, peeling an orange, or even cubing other veggies. These knives are very sharp and don’t lose their edge easy. They are also very easy to sharpen.

Quality is seldom cheap, but it often is in the long run worth it to pay for real quality over sizzle and marketing. Perhaps, when I am gone my son will recall fun times we shared in the kitchen when he was a small boy when he uses these Wusthof knives, it gives me pleasure to think so. God Bless ya!

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