What You Need for Quality Yoga

When it comes to yoga mats you might find yourself in a difficult spot; should I save money and buy cheaper one or spend more money so that it will last longer and have better quality materials. From my experience it is important to buy only what you need and what suits your needs the best. Best yoga mat for hot yoga doesn’t have to be expensive nor inexpensive it needs to be what you want it to be – best yoga mat for you.

After trying out many different mats, I’ve come to conclusion – mats with cushy, soft textures with natural rubber are the best for my style of yoga. They gave the right feel for me and didn’t move or slide while doing vinyasas or holding my pose for minutes. If you want to keep your mat in one place without sliding or moving it’s best to get mat’s coated with soft layer of polyurethane. Polyurethane is material used on ships floors and boat-decks to keep them slip-free.


There are many different yoga mats on the market. But even if two mats look the same, they will act differently on different floors. When picking the right mat for you, be sure to check what kind of surface you will be doing yoga on, and use appropriate cover for it. If it’s really slippery surface, you will need polyurethane coating to stop it from sliding, or rugged surface; you can get away with more natural and soft mats.

It only comes down to what your preferences are when doing yoga. Do you want it to stay in one place (more rugged and sturdy) or to be soft and have extra padding for your knees and knuckles whiled doing floor poses. Some people prefer more natural materials; others love “high-tech” materials such as polyurethane. No matter what yoga mat you choose it is only important that you can do quality yoga and you feel right about your pick.

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