That’s How I Choose My Perfect Tents

I’ve been camping for a long long time… and the first thing on my checklist is always a tent. Yet choosing the right tent is surely a headache for people who don’t have any camping experience before… You can’t imagined how much I’ve spent on expensive camping tents only to realize that they are a total waste of money! I mean, high price tents aren’t always the best, as you can buy much cheaper ones and still comfortably enjoy the wonderful weekends with your family. It takes me a while to figure this out, that choosing the best camping tents has nothing to do with the price tag, but rather, it’s about many other factors like space, seasons,… and I want to share that experience with you guys in this post.

When choosing camping tents, my first priority is space. Now the tent names include the manufacture’s maximum number of recommended sleepers, but if you like to camp with kids or pets, think about sizing up a little. There’s a rule of thumb that I always use: choose a tent that can contain 2 more people than what you planned to have. This will give you much more space to store your shoes, boots, backpacks and other gear. Season during which you camp also matters, because the tents are classified based on this. Believe me, you can save quite a lot of money just by noticing which season you’re going to camp. I used to always buy 4 season tents – big mistake! Tent shapes are also very important. There are 2 basic tent shapes: cabin and dome. While the cabin tents give your more vertical walls and often time features like room divider for privacy; the dome tents tend to be easier to set up thanks to their simple design, and their more sloping walls can handle strong winds and weather.

That’s all my golden tips when it comes to choosing a perfect camping tent. If you use these tips then you may save a lot of money and effort setting up your first tent on you camping trip! It takes me a while to learn all of these tricks, but boy they helped a lot – and I think it’ll help you very well too!

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