The 5 Best Kitchen Knives

good knife

Knives are the best companion for every chef and anyone who want to make a good chef from home. Ingredients are perfectly prepared using the best kitchen knives. These are knives that are used for dicing, paring and slicing. Here are some knives that have never disappointed me in the kitchen:

Torijo Senkuo Kitchen Knife
This is one of the best kitchen knives. It has up to 62 layers of steel around the blade core making it strong and durable. It is razor-sharp and resistant to rusting and staining. I like this knife because of the practically well-balanced handle which is also molded to fit into the handgrip. I never get tired using this knife.

Clas Ohlson Kitchen Knife
This Capere Chef knife has features to die for and is very affordable. It is made of molybdenum alloy and has been proven to be 300 times resistant to aging and corrosion compared to ordinary stainless steel knives. It is also among the best designed of the best kitchen knives. It has an efficient ergonomic handle that is well balanced and easy to use.

Global Kitchen Knife
It is one of the best kitchen knives manufactured in Japan. I like it because it is made to perfect professional standards. It is sharp and if well taken care of, can be a knife that will be passed down generations. The handle is well balanced. It is hygienic making it safe to use on your ingredients. It is also relatively cheap compared to some kitchen knives.

Saji Kitchen Knife
This knife is made by Japanese Knife Company. The impressive history behind the experienced knife-maker Takeshi Saji produced one of the best kitchen knives ever. It is my one of personal favorite because it does not lose its blade sharpness. This knife is an aesthetic stunner and is wonderfully practical in the kitchen. The handle is perfect for an average hand and can be used for long without weariness.

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